Dual Champion Fieldstone's Remington Ammo MH
Oil painting of Remington on the Blakemore Ranch by Artist Bob Bertram
Bob Bertram Gallery
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Welcome to our site! We have been involved in Vizslas since late 1999.
We currently compete in Conformation shows, Hunt Tests, and Field Trials.
First and foremost the Vizsla is a versatile Hunting dog, let's not lose this in our beautiful Sporting breed. Preserving this is of importance, and a goal for us.
We believe in promoting dogs with great temperaments whom are healthy and conformationally correct. A versatile Vizsla whom can do it all, in whatever venue you choose...whether it be Agility, Rally Obedience, Tracking or....go out and hunt all day, then come home and curl up on the sofa! Proving our dogs worthiness of putting titles on them and by having all the appropiate health tests done are of utmost importance to us, to make sure they are of quality to improve the Vizsla breed.Breeding should be for the betterment of the breed, not for profit.
We do limited breedings of no more than one litter, if that per year. 
We take great pride in our dogs and are very passionate about the breed!
Please enjoy your visit to our site and Thanks for stopping by!
Rene & Alan Blakemore... (North Dallas area)
Email : huntmorevizslas@gmail.com
Huntmore Vizslas
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                         Proud Members in good standing of :
The Vizsla Club of America, Trinity Valley Vizsla Club, Texas
Gulf Coast Vizsla Club,  Show Me Vizsla Club, Park Cities Quail Unlimited, Texas Independent Bird Hunters Association,
                     & National Shoot To Retreive Association