At this time we do not have a planned litter, however we'd be happy to refer out to other reputable breeders.  Email us at

At this time we do not have a planned litter, however we'd be happy to refer out to other reputable breeders.  Email us at

Please feel free to email us at with any questions to

***All potential puppy buyers are required to fill out our puppy questionnaire. This gives us a better idea of what you are looking for in a Vizsla and if our dogs are a match for you and your family. Please email us for the questionnaire.***

Please do your homework when searching for a reputable breeder, there are vizsla breeders popping up all over Texas and very few reputable ones. A breeder who has available litters all year long or breeds more than one breed of flag! Make sure at minimum they are members in good standing of the national club, Vizsla Club of America..or their local club either the Trinity Valley Vizsla Club in North Texas or the Texas Gulf Coast Vizsla Club in the Houston area. Heatlh tests are crucial to any breeding program..make sure they do OFA Hip/Elbows, Heart, Thyroid and CERF (eyes) before breeding their dogs. Too many breeders are not breeding for the betterment of the breed and only for money...

Some people question the fact they only want a pet, and do not want a show or hunting performance dog. Keep in mind that litters produced from quality performance dogs will not have every single pup in the litter worthy of being a show or field dog. There are pet dogs in every litter too, from the best planned litters that will need to find pet/companion homes. What you are getting is a healthy quality bred dog from a caring reputable breeder, who has put in the same amount of time resources and energy into a performance planned litter with proven parents not only in titles, but all of their appropriate health tests. Purchasing a quality bred puppy is a lifetime commitment, not a bargain shopping experience. You really do pay for what you get, please do your research and homework before buying any puppy regardless of whom you buy it from. People willing to ship anywhere in the world or taking Paypal, MC or Visa on a pup is not where you should be considering a dog from. You'd have to be doing a lot of breeding in order to be taking credit cards for dogs.

Buyers Beware!******

Vizslas are not for everyone, and we want to make sure our pups go to the right homes. We strive to be sure all of our pups are sold to loving, committed, lifetime homes. All of our pups are sold on contracts tailored to each owner and pups needs.  Pet/Companions are all sold on AKC limited Registration which means they are to be spayed or neutered only. You can compete in any event except show conformation with an altered pet.